Figure 4.

Mg2+attenuates isoflurane-induced opening of mPTP in H4-APP cells. A. Flow cytometric analysis shows changes in calcein levels in mitochondria of H4-APP cells stained with calceinAM or calceinAM plus cobalt, which indicate the opening of mPTP. Peak 1: treatment of ionomycin (the positive control of opening of mPTP); peak 2: treatment of isoflurane; peak 3: treatment of isoflurane plus Mg2+ (50 μM). Mg2+ treatment attenuates isoflurane-induced opening of mPTP, as demonstrated by the position of peak of isoflurane treatment is shifted to the right following Mg2+ treatment.

Zhang et al. Medical Gas Research 2012 2:20   doi:10.1186/2045-9912-2-20
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